Frequently Asked Questions

Activating behind a proxy server

If you get the message “Unable to connect to to download the license. Please make sure that this system is able to access the internet and try again.”, then you might be behind a proxy server. In that case try the following:

Set the environment variable HTTP_PROXY to HOST:PORT, where HOST is the proxy name and PORT the proxy’s port.

If your proxy server uses authentication, you use the HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS environment variable to pass the credentials to the proxy server:

HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS - the username and password to authenticate you to the proxy server, in the format user:password. For example, if your username is “joe” and password is “joes_password”: set HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS joe:joes_password

Which cameras are supported by faceshift studio?

See the Supported 3D Sensors in the Prerequisites section.

Do I need a depth camera?

Yes. The tracking in faceshift studio relies heavily on depth data, therefore such a camera is indispensable.

You will have to get an Intel RealSense, Asus Xtion Pro Live, Microsoft Kinect for Windows, or Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. The price range of such a camera is currently about $100-$200.

We also bundle a camera with faceshift studio for an additional $300.

Alert: “no drivers installed”

This happens when faceshift studio cannot find your camera, or you installed the wrong drivers.

If you own a...

  • PrimeSense Carmine 1.09 or Asus Xtion Pro Live => Install the OpenNI drivers
  • Asus Xtion Pro => This camera has no color sensor, a Pro Live camera is needed
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows => Install the Microsoft Kinect SDK
  • Microsoft Kinect for XBox360 => Install the Microsoft Kinect SDK or OpenNI with the unofficial SensorKinect drivers
  • Intel RealSense => Install the Intel RealSense SDK and Depth Camera Manager

For further details, see section Prerequisites.

Why is my Intel RealSense Camera not working even though it’s plugged into a USB 3 port?

The Intel RealSense camera requires a powered USB 3 port. It is often the case that USB ports on the front of desktop computers are not powered. If the camera doesn’t work in the first USB 3 port you try, try a different one.

If you are using a device without a powered USB 3 port, powered external USB 3 hubs are available which should solve this problem.

What kind of data can I get out of faceshift studio?


Faceshift studio analyzes the facial expressions of the actor, and calculates:

  • head pose (position and rotation of the head)
  • gaze direction (how the eyes are rotated)
  • blendshape activations (weights between 0 and 1 that describe how strongly each of a large number of basis expressions, eye shapes and mouth shapes is activated)
  • marker positions (the 3D location of arbitrarily chosen virtual markers on the face)

Additionally, we also save the video and audio for use as witness data. You can export this data in a number of different formats, from virtual marker sequences to complete animations in fbx format. See the Interfacing with Other Applications for details.

Apart from using faceshift studio to drive animations, you can also use it to do reliable and repeatable measurements on faces. The automatic avatar building parametrizes all faces in the same way, such that it is easy to measure distances and angles in neutral and expressive state by exporting virtual markers and making these calculations on the virtual markers.

This data can be exported live during tracking, or offline after refining the sequence inside faceshift studio for even higher accuracy.


During training we build a custom avatar of the actor. This avatar can be exported and used in your animations.