Known Issues

Faceshift studio 1.3 (or earlier) crashes on startup if 2014.1 is installed

In faceshift studio 2014.1, the format of some files that are loaded on startup was changed. Earlier versions do not support these formats and crash when they attempt to load them. This affects actor profiles (*.fsu) and template rigs (*.fsrig). It is still possible to launch the earlier versions by deleting or renaming the “faceshift.ini” file located in the faceshift studio workspace.

3D Sensor Freeze

Sometimes the 3D sensor (Asus Xtion Pro Live or PrimeSense Carmine 1.09) may freeze.

To fix this issue please check the following:

  • If using OpenNI 2.0 please uncheck Frame Sync in the Setup view and see if the sensor provides data again. Sometimes the Frame Sync settings results in the camera freezing. However, we do recommend to have Frame Sync enabled.
  • We have reports that when Audio Input is set to the camera sensor the camera framerate drops significantly or may even freeze. We recommend not to use the 3D sensor as Audio Input, see below.

PrimeSense device for audio input

The PrimeSense Carmine 1.09 and Asus Xtion Pro Live devices come with integrated microphones. In some cases this audio input can significantly slow down the color/depth image input from the camera, or even crash faceshift studio when you switch to Tracking mode. To avoid this problem, go to “Preferences”, select the “Audio” section, and set “Input Device” to “None” or some unrelated audio source. Please note that the “default” device can also be an alias for the camera’s microphones. On Windows 7/8, you can permanently disable that as follows: right-click the Speakers icon in the system tray, choose “Recording devices”, right-click the camera device and select “Disable”.

Cannot change the Exposure/Gain settings with the OpenNI 2 plugin

Please note that the Auto Whitebalance setting must be turned off to use the Exposure and Gain sliders. If they still do not work after disabling Auto Whitebalance, try upgrading your sensor’s firmware (see Firmware Downloads).

Cannot install driver without driver signature (Windows only)

In Windows 8.1, drivers without signatures cannot be installed by default. This prevents installation of the unofficial Kinect drivers for OpenNI. In order to install these drivers correctly, you must restart Windows using the “Advanced startup” and select “Troubleshoot”, “Advanced options”, “Startup settings” and when prompted choose the option to “Disable driver signature enforcement”. When Windows has booted up in this mode, the drivers can be installed.

Android File Transfer blocks camera (Mac OS X only)

There are cases where the camera stopped working after installing Android File Transfer. In particular, the Android File Transfer Agent running in the background seems to prevent the camera from working. To stop it, run Activity Monitor and kill any running instances of Android File Transfer Agent. You might also want to disable Android File Transfer Agent permanently.